Manual Who Will Pay? A Story on Gang Violence, Guns, Drugs, and the Family

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  1. Mexico ambush: Boy, 13, walked 23km for help after gun attack - BBC News
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  3. Families face extortion by feuding gangs in Drogheda

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Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. Modern Slavery in the UK Show all NCA has launched a touring photographic exhibition which aims to portray the signs of slavery and exploitation. Child trafficking for sexual exploitation Traffickers use grooming techniques to gain the trust of a child, family or community. The children are recruited, transported and then sold for sex, often returning to their homes immediately afterwards, only to be picked up by the same people again. This is happening here in the UK, to migrant and British-born children.

Mexico ambush: Boy, 13, walked 23km for help after gun attack - BBC News

They may be orphaned or living apart from their family, in unregulated private foster care, or in substandard accommodation. They may possess unaccounted-for money or goods or repeatedly have new, unexplained injuries.

Mexico - The state and the drug cartels - Journal

Some workers in the farming sector, harvesting grains or root vegetables, tending livestock or fruit picking, are being exploited every day in the UK. Victims of this crime in the agricultural sector are often Eastern European men and women, who were promised a job by traffickers, or they could be individuals on the fringes of society, homeless or destitute. Spot the signs of exploitative labour in agriculture: Agricultural slaves often have their wages paid into the same bank account, meaning an illegal gangmaster is likely collecting all their wages.

Polish or Slovakian men are brought to the UK with the offer of employment and, after arrival, gangmasters seize documents, opening multiple bank and utility accounts in their names — but refuse to handover access to the accounts or bank cards. Hours are long and the work is gruelling and dangerous.

Workers are abused and are controlled by threats of harm to their families at home. Spot the signs: Those exploited wear inappropriate clothes and often no safety gear — despite working with dangerous and life-threatening equipment.

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They may often have untreated injuries and be refused medical attention, and will live and work in agricultural outhouses. Labour-intensive sectors like construction, where temporary and irregular work are common, are high-risk sectors for forced labour. With new homes, offices and buildings being constructed or upgraded in great quantity, labour exploitation is the second most common type of modern slavery, after sexual exploitation.

Spot the signs of exploitative labour in construction: Exploited workers are often not provided with protective clothing or equipment, and may show signs of abuse or carry old untreated injuries.

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  • Slave workers are also likely to work extremely long work hours for six or seven days a week without any leave. I wanted to show how there is still hope and dignity in the most squalid and difficult of circumstances. In the tough maritime industry young men, often Filipino or Indian, Eastern European or African, are promised a better life, but instead find themselves in a cycle of debt and exploitation. Unable to read, they are offered a job, given papers to sign and begin working on a trial-basis, only to be told they have failed and owe money, and have to work more to settle the debt.

    They may be forced to work for long hours in intense, hazardous and difficult conditions.

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    I wanted to show the utter desperation of these men - how passed their limit they are. The broken floats and the entire decaying environment around him, I saw as a metaphor for his existence. Whether by fake migration services or unscrupulous individuals who befriend and then betray them, women fall into a dark spiral of sexual exploitation and forced, unpaid prostitution, unable to escape. I wanted the image to show how lonely and eventually numbing that experience is, and for that ugliness to be contrasted against the bright blue of the wig — a fancy dress item that we would usually associate with a fun event — but here is used as a disguise, perhaps of her own identity to herself - to further emphasise how unjust the situation is.

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    • The cannabis industry hides a dark secret in the house next door. Forced to tend cannabis plants that fill specially rigged houses, the boys are often locked in and forced to work, sleep and eat in one confined and dirty room.

      Families face extortion by feuding gangs in Drogheda

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