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French friar from the S. Louis province. Theologian and preacher, known for his works of religious comportment in the order and for his sermons. Annus ecclesiasticus concionatorius quadripartitus, seu conciones praedicabiles in dominicas et festa et ferias per totius anni decursum, ab Adventu ad Adventum praedicari solitae At least the 1st and the 3rd volume are accessible via Google Books.

Born before Entered the Franciscan order at an early age and was ordained priest in First educated at the Franciscan school in Hereford en subsequently he went through the lectorate and degree programs in Oxford and Cambridge and received his doctorate at Oxford before January Guardian warden of Greyfriars at London between and and also provincial minister of the English province. Standish became a staunch supporter of King and parliament in a range of controversies.

Archimede e le sue macchine da guerra

In his testament, Standish bequeathed fourty pounds to support scholars at Oxford and five punds to the Oxford Franciscan library. All his books went to the Franciscan Doctor of theology Thomas Cudnor. Between and , Standish became an opponent of Erasmus and Erasmian friends such as More and Colette , who accused him of being an old-fashioned Scotist and a bad theologian and philologist. The controversies between Standish and the Erasmians started after Standish's criticisms of Erasmus's Novum Instrumentum. How much of his work does actually survive?

Chibi, 'Standish, Henry c. Henricus Stolysen Heinrich Stolysen, fl. Friar from the Villingen convent. Preacher and confessor of the local convent of Poor Clares. Provincial friar of the Upper Germany province , during which period he reorganised the province in the struggle against the reformation.

Heinrich died in Villingen, on 13 September Preacher in Amsterdam in the early s, and known for his Liedeken op het jaer Song on the year To him has also been ascribed a small Amsterdam chronicle for the years , , , the so-called De Anteykeningen gedaen van Broer Hendrik van Biesen , but some bibliographers contest this esp. After the so-called altercation of Amsterdam in May , when Protestants took over the urban government by force and immediately began to arrest Catholic religious and close monastic houses, Henricus was forced to leave town, and after several disagreeable experiences arrived in Utrecht before June 22, Liedeken op het jaer Als Hollandt af-viel alleenlijck vande Vorsten vanden Coningh gesonden, uytgenomen Amsterdam alleen.

Op de wijs: Vanden Slagh van Munster. Ofte: Het voer een Buys al uyt Schiedam. The work was subsequently included in different versions and commented upon in later works. Anteykeningen gedaen van Broer Hendrik van Biesten, orateur van de Minrebroeders binnen Amsterdam op de nijeuwe mare en geschiedenis, dat geschiet is binnen en omtrent Amsterdam zedert den jaere tot den jaere toe, getrouwelijc gecomponiert.

Marie de France | Arlima - Archives de littérature du Moyen Âge

This is the most complete copy until Nolet, Studia Catholica , Although one of the manuscripts mentions Hendrik van Biesten, Willem Nolet has denied this authorship in Studia Catholica 5 , Several more recent bibliographers and historians do not agree with him. Nothing known about his education. Active as preacher and confessor in Northern Germany. Socius of Vicarius General Johannes Philippi, when the latter visited convents of friars and Poor Clares in the provinces of Strasbourg and Saxonia also in the company of friar Simon of Gouda, guardian of Mainz.

Gallen, Stiftsbibl.

His sermons as well as several of the translations that are attributed to him show an deep affinity with the style of Bonaventure, and are illustrate the character of fifteenth-century Franciscan spirituality. Linsenmayer Passau, , A facsimile of the painted initial at the beginning of the Easter sermon has been printed in Caritas Pirckheimer, Katalog , ed.

Spazio Tadini Norman Douglas Pensa "Introspection" 10-10-2015

Walpurg cod. Its name derives from the purple parchment on which it is written. Before leaving Rossano, visitors should be sure to taste some of the town's famous licorice. Cosenza is the largest city in Calabria. It is home to a distinguished university and many fine aristocratic buildings.

The most romantic approach to Cosenza is from the south, beneath the 12th-century Norman castle set high on a hilltop, then on into the Old Town centered around Piazza XV Marzo. Near a Madonna by Luca Giordano is the tomb of Isabel of Aragon, who died after a fall from her horse on the return voyage from the Eighth Crusade. While in town, it is worth spending a few moments in the serene cloisters of San Domenico, and at the 13th-century San Francesco d'Assisi church.

March of the Legion (Soldier of the Legion Book 2)

Heading eastward, La Sila is unlike any other spot in southern Italy. Many think of Il Mezzogiorno anywhere south of Naples as a sunburned rocky wilderness. However, with its snow-capped mountains, pristine reservoirs, and lively streams and waterfalls, La Sila is actually more reminiscent of British Columbia. Today, it is considered one of Europe's most densely wooded areas, and the most famous woods are the Bosco di Fallistro, just outside of Camigliatello.

Here one can admire the giganti della Sila, trees which are over years old, six feet across and feet tall. Camigliatello, a classical alpine village, is the best base for exploring La Sila. In summer, there are several opportunities for hiking; in winter, this is one of Italy's best cross-country skiing areas.

Heading west to the stunning Tyrrhenian shores of Calabria is the idyllic beach resort of Tropea. A favourite holiday destination on the Costa degli Dei Coast of the Gods , Tropea is renowned for its beaches and little coves lapped by a crystal clear sea, as well as its delicious red onions. The town stands in a magical position on the promontory between the bays of Gioia Tauro and Sant'Eufemia. Its historic center has a number of noteworthy patrician town houses and impressive monumental edifices such as Palazzo Toraldo, and the 12th century Norman cathedral.

Homosexuality and Italian Cinema | SpringerLink

The Sanctuary of the Madonna dell'Isola, an historic pilgrim destination built on a tiny peninsula at the foot of the town, has become the symbol of Tropea. Leaving the Costa degli Dei and heading southwards to the Costa Viola Violet Coast , where the colour of the sea at sunset really does turn purple, sits the beautiful seaside town of Scilla.

The town of Scilla is comprised of two centers: Marina Grande with its long beach and modern aspect, and Rione Chianalea, a characteristic fishing village complete with pretty little cottages built right on the water's edge. Dividing old and new Scilla is the town's Ruffo Castle. It is the most beautiful fortress in all of Calabria, its ramparts offering a great vantage point for La Chianalea. A pristine natural landscape, panoramic seaside and an abundance of historic sights are just a few factors behind what makes the Gargano Foggia in Puglia the perfect place for a spring visit.

Come springtime, certain regions shine more than others thanks to their natural assets. One of the loveliest spring seasons can be found in Puglia, a region too often absent from Italy guidebooks that focus touristic energies on must-sees like Rome, Venice and Florence. Of course these major cities warrant a visit, but true, repeat offender italophiles should make it a point to explore new areas, most especially to the south where the climate is warmer, prices are more affordable and the sights are breathtaking.

The province of Foggia makes up the spur of the Italian boot form, jutting out — mid-calf — east into the Adriatic Sea. This geographic position means that Foggia enjoys a degree seaside, while inland, it boasts vast green spaces, nature reserves and historic old towns, each with their own distinct charm. The heart of Gargano is without a doubt Foresta Umbra, a woodland area brimming with flora and fauna on the promontory part of the park. Home to many different animals, such as boars, deer, woodpeckers, wolves and wildcats, the forest is divided into four sections. Zone A is exclusively home to wild life and off limits to the public, Zone B is the most uncontaminated part of the park accessible to the public — but you have to keep the noise level down — Zones C and D are accessible by car and make up more of the surrounding inhabited areas.

If you decide to make Foresta Umbra a part of your visit, be sure to find the Cerro di Vico, a year-old tree which was planted by a Franciscan friar. A big hole can still be seen on the side of the tree from when a storm hit over 70 years ago, causing one of the large branches to break off. It stretches inland out to the Adriatic Sea, forming a promontory the spur on the boot. The park was. According to ancient lore, it is named for a fisherman who was turned to stone by sirens.

Michael the Archangel is said to have appeared to a bishop here in the 4th century AD. Michael the Archangel is said to have visited. Ischitella A small, hilly town with a prime position amidst green parks and a proximity to the shores of Lake Varano and the Mediterranean seaside. We've narrowed this one down to three areas; beginning in Rome, then down the coast to Sorrento, and ending south in Sicily.

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Rome Rome is the kind of place you can go to a hundred times, and always discover something new. The Campo de' Fiori is one the liveliest piazzas in the heart of Rome. During the morning hours, except for Sundays, the square is transformed into a market where local vendors sell everything from fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, to clothes and Murano glass jewellery.

Once the vendors pack up, the square becomes a popular meeting spot for locals. There are many bars and cafes that line the square for you to grab a bite, or to simply pull up a chair and enjoy an espresso while watching the hustle and bustle of passers-by. Finally, you can't leave Rome without enjoying a delightful scoop of ice cream. While there are so many places to choose from, many would consider Il Gelato di San Crispino to be the best spot in the city.

The gelato here is made on site using the freshest ingredients. The choices of flavours are boundless, including fig, pistachio, pear, and in the summertime, the delicious lampone raspberry is exceptional. While you enjoy your gelato, head over to the gorgeous Trevi Fountain and toss in a coin as you make a wish. Sorrento South of Naples along the Sorrentine Peninsula, Sorrento is a magical and beautiful place that boasts wonderful views across the Bay of Naples to Capri and Ischia.

You can spend hours wandering through the small streets of the old town, visiting different boutiques, strolling through Piazza Tasso in the heart of the city, before pausing to enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many charming restaurants tucked away in a secluded alley. Sorrento also serves as a great home base to visit other cities.

The nearby volcanic Islands of Ischia or Capri are perfect for a day trip. Ischia, the Green Island, is renowned for its thermal baths and beautiful beaches, while Capri will enchant you with its striking natural beauty and authentic gastronomy. The name derives from the sunlight's refraction into the cave that creates a blue reflection in the water.

The way into the cave is through a small hole about a meter and a half in diameter. Once you get there by motorboat from the port, you will have to transfer to a small wooden row boat and lie on your back to get in. Once inside, you'll be able to sit upright and enjoy the spectacular sight; you can even take a swim in the brilliant blue water. There are many tales about this cake's origins, one being a baker who on no sleep, messed up the recipe and mistook flour for cocoa powder.

Finally, an excursion down the Amalfi coast is also highly recommended. Buses leave from Sorrento on a daily basis and the view on your way is just breathtaking. Time permitting you can also set off to nearby Ravello and Positano, or to Pompeii, where remains of a city destroyed and covered by a volcanic eruption in 79 AC are still visible today.