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  2. Characteristics of lipids and their feeding value in swine diets
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The properties of CX lipids can be easily tuned by adjusting the temperature and pressure of CO 2. Therefore, many potential applications for fats and oils processing could take advantage of the pronounced expansion of lipids saturated with CO2. The pressure required to induce substantial changes in the physical properties of CX lipids, such as viscosity and interfacial tension, ranges from 10 to 15 MPa, which is a technically feasible range.

In recent years, several novel processes have been investigated that profit from the properties of CX lipids. Gas-assisted mechanical expression GAME and gas-assisted oilseed pressing benefit from the volumetric expansion and reduced viscosity of CX lipids, thus leading to significantly higher yields in pressing experiments using rapeseed, soybean, sesame, linseed, palm kernel, and jatropha Voges et al. The reduced viscosity of CX lipids could also be beneficial in processes involving reactions, such as transesterification.

The reduced viscosity could accelerate the reaction rates in heterogeneously catalyzed reactions, especially in the case of highly viscous oils Pomier et al. Furthermore, enhanced flowability of highly viscous liquids by injecting CO 2 due to viscosity reduction has been applied to improve filtration of used motor oils and might be an option for filtration of used frying oils as well.

Characteristics of lipids and their feeding value in swine diets

Finally, reduced interfacial tension and reduced viscosity may be advantageous for applications involving formation of droplets in spray processes aiming at increasing the interphase, which may be desirable in lipid extraction and purification using pressurized CO 2. The application of pressurized CO 2 in fats and oils processing may be beneficial for the development of novel processes ranging from oil expression and extraction of oilseeds to reactions and separation of lipid components.

Jessop and Subramaniam have reviewed the potential of gas-expanded lipids and liquids, and the latest developments point in the right direction, such as using gas-expanded liquids in the production of biodiesel Wyatt and Haas, Bernhard Seifried received his M. He is currently a Ph.

Milk Lipids - Chemical Properties | Food Science

He may be contacted at seifried ualberta. Her research program focuses on the use of separation technologies for the value-added processing of crops. Her program on supercritical fluid technology involves the use of supercritical carbon dioxide for extraction, fractionation, reactions, and particle formation of lipids and nutraceuticals. She may be contacted at Feral. Temelli ualberta. Jessop, P.

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Subramaniam, Gas-expanded liquids, Chemical Reviews Pomier, E. Delebecque, D. Paolucci-Jeanjean, M.

Pina, S. Sarrade, and G. Rios, Effect of working conditions on vegetable oil transformation in an enzymatic reactor combining membrane and supercritical CO 2 , Journal of Supercritical Fluids 41 Seifried, B.

Milk Lipids - Chemical Properties

Temelli, Density of marine lipids in equilibrium with carbon dioxide, Journal of Supercritical Fluids 50 Voges, S. Eggers, and A. Pietsch, Gas assisted oilseed pressing, Separation and Purification Technology 63 Willems, P. Kuipers, and A. Wyatt, V. Sale runs through Dec. Preview this Book. Marangoni, Suresh S. Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information.

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Summary Provides in-depth coverage of the physical properties of fats and oils. Table of Contents Part 1: Crystallization 1. Modeling Crystallization Kinetics of Triacylglycerols 2. Texture of Fats Part 3: Emulsifiers 8. Fat Crystal Behavior in Food Emulsions 9. Deodorization Fractionation of Fats Crystallization of Hydrogenated Sunflower Oil Request an e-inspection copy.

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