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  1. From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism
  2. Phantastes Summary & Study Guide
  3. Phantastes, by George Macdonald
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The fact that not everyone does fall into that category is the main hint that Phantastes is the start of something new. Time and again Anodos either falls in love or is fallen in love with by one of the lovely denizens of this new world he traverses, and it is his reactions to this feeling — sometimes pure, sometimes lustful in a very prim, Victorian sort of way that determine his course through the world.

Gradually he moves from impetuous, sensual attraction to a more spiritual understanding of love in general, though not without some interesting missteps along the way. Much of this is accomplished through visions, or by long stretches of exploration where Anodos is the only character on-stage.

Phantastes A Faerie Romance for Men and Women Full Audiobook by George MACDONALD

What more heroic fantasy elements there are — a battle with giants, an encounter with an evil tree-spirit and so forth — are over in a flash. A story about the aimless wanderings and slow spiritual development of a character with remarkably few distinguishing characteristics by all rights should be deadly dull. Even the most mundane trips through nighted forests and green meadows seem fresh and marvelous here, and characters like the lovestruck tree spirit maintain a uniqueness and vibrancy that an intervening century has not dulled.

All make excellent supporting materials for the reader who wants to dig deeper. The main text, however, is more than enough to stand on its own, equal parts a lesson in the history of the genre and a good read in its own right.

From Modern Mythcraft to Magical Surrealism

Tagged as: book The following content is exclusive to the paid edition of People of Colo u r Destroy Fantasy! I wanted to start with the idea of the origin story. Read more His journey must continue until he finds the way back out of Fairy Land. Anodos faces two other battles on his quest. The first has already been hinted at: the conquering of his Shadow. This event is anti-climatic in scope but important to Anodos' maturation. The other battle is one of self-sacrifice. Anodos saves the Knight from temptation by evil forces. In the process he looses his life but gains re-entry to his own world.

Phantastes Summary & Study Guide

Anodos returns to the real world not because he dies, but because he learns the principles necessary for being a successful adult. Read more from the Study Guide.

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Phantastes, by George Macdonald

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