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  1. Keyshia Cole
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  4. Being a Beauty Mogul Is Easy. Just Ask Keyshia Ka’oir Davis.

Keyshia Cole with K. Michelle: Memorial Weekend Music Festival See all past concerts Since her debut in she has released six studio albums, three of which have gone platinum, and five top 40 hits on the Hot However, it seems Keyshia Cole had the experience that every musician dreams of having when they meet their idols. At the age of twelve, Cole and her brother Sean were trying to make it in the music world so they decided to go straight to the source for information.

Keyshia Cole

They called MC Hammer. After working with Hammer Cole became something of a name in the Hip-Hop scene and later struck up a friendship with Tupac Shakur. Again, it was almost too good to be true, as he promised to help her out with her singing career, giving her a leg up by letting her write and sing a hook on an upcoming track of his. However, that would all happen on the same night he was tragically murdered.

Stay The Course

Her first singles may not have set the charts alight but they showed off some impressive collaborators, with hr debut single featuring Eve and her second single being produced by some no-hoper called Kanye West. Her first mixtape came out soon afterwards, which again saw some impressive team ups with Fat Joe and Ghostface Killah. However, her debut album was what made her a star. It was an immediate top ten smash, selling nearly a hundred thousand copies in its first week.

Cole had arrived. One to see as soon as possible. I went to the Keyshia Cole concert really not knowing what to expect at all! I watched some Youtube videos of her singing live and saw that her performances vary - when on TV she sings with really great backup singers, but when at a concert, she doesn't use background singers at all. This could be a bad thing or a good thing. Keyshia Cole looked and sounded amazing. The performance was top-notch. At times I wished we were at a more intimate venue, like the Club or the Howard Theatre but I don't know how much influence the artist has over something like that.

But Keyshia Cole took the time to talk to the audience and seemed really blown away by our love for her music. I really felt like I was connected to the music, I felt that Keyshia Cole really loves her music and I got so much more respect for her.

Keyshia Cole Ft. Eve - Never

Her openness regarding her marriage issues and her demand that women love themselves was so empowering and so memorable. One tip: Start each day by making a to-do list, and check every item off by the end of the day. Each list is a running tally of all the things she has to do to build her brand — order more blue lipsticks, schedule a photo shoot.

She still has the first notebook she used for this purpose, but now she keeps the lists on her iPhone 8. Do your own inventory.

Have confidence. Stay focused — especially when it comes to men; do not get caught up in men. Be stern when you need to be stern. Pray for everything. Wait, what? If her business rules are exacting, then her beauty rules are more inflexible than the laws of physics.

Highlighter must be applied to maximize the feline angularity of her face. And thou shalt not touch her lips.

You Complete Me

She and she alone applies her lipstick — using her own super-pigmented matte product — because only she can fill in every part of her lips so that not a single smudge goes astray, without even using a mirror. Their house — well, second house; the other is in Atlanta —well, okay, second mansion — is in one of those gated communities where it looks like someone planted stacks of hundred-dollar bills and McMansions sprouted up from the swampland, Bentleys included. But not the beauty room, a lived-in space where she sits in a salon chair, amid stacks of her inventory, examining her face in the warm glow of her vanity and realizing she hates her makeup.

She mixed her blue eye shadow with some lip gloss to create a highly pigmented sky blue lipstick, wore it out, and ended up all over the blogs the next day. And she knew right away. She studied cosmetology for a bit after that. But her father had owned several businesses, including a cigarette company in Jamaica, where the family lived until she was I want to launch of line of lipsticks in colors like orange, yellow, blue, and green. She got a lot of nos.

Finally, she got a maybe?

Being a Beauty Mogul Is Easy. Just Ask Keyshia Ka’oir Davis.

Yes you do I need you too I love you baby ohhh. I want to receive notifications about featured artists and news. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. You Complete Me Keyshia Cole. Promise that you'll be here forever I'll give you all of me I'll give you everything If you promise you'll never leave me What my friends say don't matter You'll be right here from the start And I'll get on my knees I'll give you all of me If you'll never leave my side Because You love me You complete me You hold my heart in your hands And it's okay cause I trust that You'll be the best man that you can Baby you love me You love me You complete me You hold my heart in your hands And it's okay cause I trust that You'll be the best man that you can Cause you Give me my heart back Give me my love back baby I want it all Because it's never enough Give me my heart Give me my love back I want it all Because It's never enough You love me You complete me You hold my heart in your hands And it's okay cause I trust that You'll be the best man that you can You love me You complete me You hold my heart in your hands And it's okay cause I trust that You'll be the best man that you can And it's okay Let us know.

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