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  1. Emergency Medical Technician at G4S in Pueblo, CO G4S/TP//
  2. EMT Job Description
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  4. EMT: Salary, career path, job outlook, education and more

Paramedics require more education than EMTs, and their responsibilities can include administering medication and monitoring heart function.

Emergency Medical Technician at G4S in Pueblo, CO G4S/TP//

EMTs deliver basic care to stabilize and transport patients, and advanced EMTs have the skills to respond to more complex patient cases. Christopher Way, chief of an ambulance service in Idaho and whose career spans 27 years, has seen the field undergo significant changes. Crews work with different systems than they did when Way started, like a mechanism that loads stretchers into ambulances.

Ambulances and medical equipment are also safer, he adds. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects In that period, an estimated 37, jobs should open up. How We Rank Jobs. Here's how to get started: 1. Earn a high school diploma. To begin a postsecondary program in emergency medical technician training, you usually need a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Get CPR-certified.

EMT Job Description

CPR certification is also typically needed for entry to a program. Enroll in an emergency medical technology program. Enter a paramedic program. You need to complete EMT training before entering a paramedic program. Programs are offered at community colleges, technical institutions and universities. Become licensed.

Though all states mandate that EMTs and paramedics be licensed, specific processes vary. Training to become a basic EMT includes coursework coupled with hands-on experience in an ambulance or emergency facility setting.

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An advanced EMT will complete additional training, which comes to nearly hours of instruction. Students will learn additional skills such as handling intravenous fluids and using airway devices. And in some states, you'll need to pass a state exam. If you want to become a paramedic, you need to be EMT-certified first to enter a paramedic training program.

You might also need an associate degree.

EMT - What I do & how much I make - Part 1 - Khan Academy

These programs also focus on hands-on experience from performing physical exams, assessing trauma, administering oxygen, maintaining airways, performing semiautomatic defibrillation, and training to drive an emergency vehicle. As a general rule, this is broken down into to hours of classroom training, 20 to 50 hours of internship with a field rescue or ambulance service, and 10 hours in the emergency room of a hospital. The fundamental requirement for practicing EMS technicians, the EMT-Basic is a hour course with a nationally standardized curriculum. It covers all the techniques in the First Responder course, with the addition of such topics as patient assessment, handling airways, and treatment of infants and children.

It also offers a course on EMT well-being, including personal safety and stress management.

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  6. EMT-Intermediate programs, which may not be offered in some states, require an EMT-Basic certification for admission and usually consist of an additional 35 to 55 hours of instruction and field training in patient assessment, intravenous fluids, EKG interpretation, anti-shock garments, basic medications, and esophageal airways. In states that offer EMT-Intermediate certification, this certification is suggested, but not always required, for admission into EMT-Paramedic programs. They usually take the form of two-year associate degree programs that may involve to 2, hours of extensive coursework, field training, and hospital rotations.

    Students learn advanced EMS procedures, such as lead EKG interpretation, needle decompression for collapsed lungs, nasal intubation, cardiac pacing, intraosseous canulation, and administration of medications to treat cardiac arrest, diabetic reactions, allergic reactions, and respiratory complications. Admission to some EMT-Paramedic programs may require letters of recommendation and documentation of work performed during internships. EMS education can be of benefit not just to prospective EMTs and paramedics, but virtually anyone who has even a passing interest in being prepared in a disaster event or any other kind of emergency scenario where immediate medical assistance might be needed.

    Thankfully, instruction in basic EMS skills is readily available from a variety of sources. This list, provided by PublicHealthCorps, covers a few of the resources available to the public as of Certificate programs allow you to add a particular certification to your resume without spending years getting a degree. These programs may be offered through police, fire, or health departments, as well as through some hospitals and non-degree programs at colleges and universities.

    City of Oceanside Human Resources Department

    In recent years, the availability of online certificate programs has made this option even more attractive, since both students and professionals can often work an online program into their existing work schedule. For EMS professionals who already possess the required clinical experience, online continuing education programs can help expand their knowledge of medical theory, safety and administrative practice. Browse certificate programs for EMTs and paramedics. Medical degree programs in EMS and paramedic services usually center on the management side of the field these degrees may not include a clinical aspect and thus are often available online.

    Unlike certificate programs, most degree programs -- whether general or specialized -- require a set of general education courses i. When deciding between certificate programs and degree programs, you should evaluate your immediate and long-term goals. Research your program options, both locally and online. Among the factors you should consider are class size, schedule, completion time, clinical exposure, preceptors, tuition, housing, and graduation placement rates. If you have more questions about making your choice between various schools, feel free to contact admissions advisors and ask them questions about their school and its application requirements.

    Once certified at any level, EMTs and paramedics must continually renew their certification by obtaining campus-based or online Continuing Medical Education CME credits. Browse degree programs for EMTs and paramedics.

    EMT: Salary, career path, job outlook, education and more

    There are many employment opportunities within the EMS field, including fire departments, police departments, hospitals, and ambulance services both public and private. Some EMTs find work in the corporate or industrial world like on an offshore oil platform and others supplement their full-time employment by offering their services as an independent contractor for things like sporting events or film shoots.

    As of , the field of emergency medical service has entered a period of transition that has begun to place more and more responsibility on EMTs and paramedics.

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    Many factors have contributed to these changes, including the growth of population centers, the rising medical needs of baby-boomers, and the public's changing view of disaster response. These trends, in combination with a decreasing percentage of volunteer responders and increasing certification standards, are likely to result in a continuation of the need for candidates in the field of emergency medical service.

    EMTs and paramedics are qualified to do many things besides fieldwork. Some move on to become dispatchers, instructors, physician assistants, or even sales personnel for companies that sell emergency medical equipment. If an EMT-Paramedic wishes to advance beyond fieldwork, opportunities exist as supervisors, operations managers, and administrative or executive directors of emergency services.

    Others may wish to return to school to become registered nurses, physicians, or other healthcare professionals. The skills that typify an EMT or paramedic are valuable in many situations beyond emergency medicine and pre-hospital care. Many employers appreciate employees who can think on their feet and make levelheaded decisions under stressful and even life-or-death circumstances.

    Some other careers that require these types of skills are air traffic control, law enforcement, and all branches of the military.

    leondumoulin.nl/language/biography/panhandle-gold.php I will follow that regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of patients and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous, nor shall I suggest any such counsel. Into whatever homes I enter, I will go into them for the benefit of only the sick and injured, never revealing what I see or hear in the lives of men unless required by law.

    I shall also share my medical knowledge with those who may benefit from what I have learned.